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Shiram News for Permaculture magazine

We became participants of the ethnobotanical project “ Back to the roots”, which realizing by botanic garden of State Tver University. We are seeking for and restore to life old recipes based on plants which growing in our region. This year we could recreate old technology of producing coporskiy tea. In XVIII century Russia exported more than 100 tons of this tea to Europe, specially to U.K., where this tea had name – Russian. First big production of this tea was in village Copor’e in XVIII, so in Russia this tea became famous as coporskiy. The technology of this tea production contain special method of natural fermentation of  the leafs of the plant, which very spread in our surroundings, and called -  Ivan chai.

Some pictures of Ivan-chai  -


We also experimenting with rare sorts of woods, we plant Japanese maple, and it survive for one winter, but doesn’t survive for another one.

About 200 seedlings of cedars are growing at our land for third year already. In European part of Russia cedar is very rare, so demand for it is bid. We are doing only first steps to cultivate cedars, and  recently we sell 10 cedars, witch we grow.

And now we begin an experiment on adaptation of frost-hardy bamboo.