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SHIRAM - space for personal growth and transformation

SHIRAM  - space for Human Development

Since human being existence, individuals have appeared, who are seeking the Path to Perfection for themselves and world, and are trying to follow this Path.

     Our community unites human beings who follow these ideals: Ideal of being true to Humanity and Ideal of harmonious relationships between Humanity and the environment. 

In accordance with these principles of harmonization of Human Being and Nature, most strongly represented by the Eco-movement, we call ourselves – ecovillage. This give us an ideal environment for building personal development and self-exploration.

 The roots of our community comes from Game Master’s School, and what we are creating is sustainable community (an autonomous space in Russian),so we call our project – Shiram (SHI – comes from Russian – Shcola Igratechnicov (Game Master’s School), and AM (from Autonomy place).    

Concerning about our methods:

From our point of view

   Getting in to loop (cycling) on some particulars leads to distortion (mistakes). Unfortunately cycling on “some ecological particulars”, such as geodesic domes, compost toilets, alternative energetic, is very typical for modern eco-movement.

On the opposite, in our community we develop our relationships with environment from deduction, moving from the general to the particular. We believe it is impossible, however, to build these harmonious relationships, until each human being, participating in this process, becomes harmonious with him or herself.

So far our community has put its emphasis firstly on harmonization human being as whole and their interaction with environment. Technical or instrumental elements for us are much less important. Thus the forms we are developing in our community, grow from the bottom, from real contact with environment. For example, we are producing tea from the special grass, which grow at the our field, or we are growing mushrooms, which also grow by themselves in forest.

To find out more about our community see the presentation below, provided by Tatiana Ginzburg at the GEN meeting in Tamera, Portugal, in Jily 2011.

This presentation have been done by Tatiana Ginzburg in GEN meeting in Tamera, this July.